no. 5

Hello everyone! Two days ago we had our our first snow at Chewonki and as you can probably imagine it was very exciting. There were a few people who had never seen snow in real life before and that was crazy. At first I was unimpressed because in Vermont we get snow every year, but…Read more no. 5


no. 3

Hello everyone! I tried to write last week but I felt like I had nothing to say. Luckily, lots of things have happened recently. Maybe most glaringly, the PSATs. This past Saturday morning, all the Chewonki students left their comfy warm beds to gather at 7:30 for breakfast. Immediately following, we were all subjected to…Read more no. 3

no. 2

So last weekend, all of us were preparing for wilderness trip, and Saturday was taken up completely by a trip to the Common Ground Country Fair, where all of the Chewonki students volunteered with the trash and recycling crew of the fair so we could get free admission. It was crazy so I didn't get…Read more no. 2

SLT Narrative 2017

This SLT, I was involved in the Vulnerable Pollinator project. We had the objectives of learning more about pollinators, specifically bees, raising awareness, planting small trees and shrubs for better nutrition/ living conditions, and overall contributing to the wellbe(e)ing of our pollinators. During this term, we had five community partners. We met with Bill Mares,…Read more SLT Narrative 2017