A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

By Gabriel Garcia Marquez Response By Gretel Dougherty 3.27.17   Angels are often portrayed as merciful heavenly beings capable of magic and linked with God. However, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez shows that perception and reality may be very different. The story is so abstract with so many elements…Read more A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings


Beneficial Boredom

Response By Gretel Dougherty 3.8.17   In a study by the College of William and Mary, researchers found that creativity scores among children (based on the Torrance Test) rose until 1990, when they began a steady decline. There are many things that influence creativity in children but perhaps the most glaring change was the invention…Read more Beneficial Boredom

Who’s Irish?

By Gish Jen Response By Gretel Dougherty 3.23.17   Who’s Irish by Gish Jen is a story about immigrants, about differences in culture and about how sometimes it is hard to make change. A mother and her child in America run into constant conflict with the Grandmother of the family, who tries to impose the…Read more Who’s Irish?

Telling Real News From Fake News

Gretel Dougherty 12.7.2016 Analyze a news-based tweet that states a claim based on its source and validity.  Use at least one additional source to evaluate the tweet’s validity.   https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/806687249173712896   Telling real news from fake news is a big issue in today’s world. New sources that aren’t credible keep popping up. Since the internet…Read more Telling Real News From Fake News