Intro to Community Based Learning


  • New Village Farm

September 30th we went to the farm for our first field day to help with milking the goats and changing the paddock areas for the cows. We got to hang out with chickens, goats, cows, horses and each other. Being outside was a really nice change from the usual school day, and it was good class bonding time.

  • Election Day Polls

November 8th we went to multiple schools in the area to help with polling. However, since I was from out of district, they didn’t want me to help with the ballots so I ended up helping some college students from St. Michael’s with conducting a survey about the city. It was a good experience for flexibility, interpersonal skills, and thinking on my feet. We also went to visit a turtle who lived in the school library.

  • Ronald McDonald House

November 11th we went to the Ronald McDonald House to bake for people staying there while they have family members staying in the hospital. We made vegan peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

  • The Generator

December 2nd we went to the Generator for the second time. Since they’re moving out of the 242 Main building, they needed help packing up materials and painting cubicles for people to use in the new space.


  • VCAM

October 7th we went to VCAM for a documentary style interview workshop hosted by Bill Simmon, a prominent film maker in the VT area. He taught us about framing and lighting techniques as well as ways to structure an interview and keep conversation flowing.

  • Vermont Violin Shop

October 14th we went to the Violin shop to speak with the luthiers and learn about the long process of creating a violin, viola, cello, or bass. We talked about trade schools & how small each measurement has to be in order for the instrument to fit together.

  • Generator

October 14th we also went to the Generator, a maker space in Burlington, to speak with the owner about what happens there, practice BP elevator pitches, and look at laser cutters.

  • BCA Gallery

October 28th we went to the BCA gallery to look at an exhibit about climate change around the world but mainly in the Vermont area. We talked about art, looked out the fourth floor windows, and took a lot of pictures.