VYD is a Jericho based dance troupe that performs shows every spring. These shows are classic stories told through dance to contemporary music. I have danced in eight shows with VYD, including Pride (based on the lion king), in which I played one of the three main lionesses, A Better Place: A Twist on Oliver, as Nancy, and as a genie in Arabian Nights: Aladdin’s Last Wish.

I was also a member of the MMU Varsity Dance Team for 3 years, winning 3 State Championships. Dance Team is a winter sport that practices every morning before school from 6:15 to 7:45 with competitions every Saturday during the season. MMU competes in both Hip Hop and Jazz. Our coach, Rose, choreographed routines at the beginning of the season and each weekend we competed against other high school dance teams in categories like synchronization, creativity, performance, musicality, difficulty, and execution. The following week, we revised our routine, sometimes changing choreography or formations, and sometimes just drilling and polishing so that our routine would look its best for the next competition. At the end of the season, the top 4 places at States move on to the New England Championship and compete against teams from Connecticut and Massachusetts.

In addition to MMU Dance Team and dancing with VYD for 5 years, I have also studied various styles of dance since I was 7, including ballet, jazz, irish, hip hop, lyrical, and ballroom.