Fall 2018

Classes at SBHS: Public Issues and World Affairs with Deirdre Donovan & Kimberley Watkins, Spanish 6 with Graeme Saphier

College Classes:  Analyzing Hispanic Literature (SPAN 140) with Tina Escaja, Intro to Hispanic Linguistics (SPAN 212) with Guillermo Rodriguez

project no. 1

During my final semester of high school, I decided to design a Spanish intensive with the goal of becoming fluent enough to take a trip to Spain in the spring. In order to accomplish this goal, I enrolled myself in two dual enrollment courses at UVM, as well as taking Spanish 6 at SBHS. I also went to the World Languages office regularly to discuss current events in Spanish with Sr. Saphier.  Both college classes were conducted entirely in Spanish. At first, I could only understand about 20% of what my professors were saying. I mainly focussed on listening for individual words I recognised to get the gist of their lessons. By the end of the term, I could understand every word and recognise the types of sentence structure and conjugations they were using. In my literature class, I learned to discuss literary devices and the structure of different types of writing, as well as make historical, political, and cultural connections. I also wrote 2 academic essays in Spanish for that class. One was about Soneto LXXXVI by Luis de Gongora, a Spanish poet from the Baroque period, and the other discussed the movie Neruda, about Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. In linguistics, I became confident in answering questions about phonological and morphological processes and dialectology in class. Below is evidence of coursework, as well as my extended learning opportunity contract.

ELO Contract

Redaccion de Soneto LXXXVI (09.17.2018)

Redaccion de la pelicula Neruda (10.25.2018)

Recording from Spanish Literature Class

Aventuras en Tarea de Espanol 6

project no. 2

My other project this semester was writing my research paper, a Big Picture power assessment and graduation requirement. I chose the topic of music as a platform for social change, investigating the historical relationship of punk music and politics in America and the UK.  I synthesised information from books, websites, magazine articles, and documentaries about the history of the punk movement into a paper about its political influence, past and present. The hardest part was figuring out what my topic would be, but the one I eventually settled on proved to be incredibly interesting and rewarding. Through the process, I learned how to find useful sources, organise research notes in an efficient way, create a good flow throughout my paper, and seamlessly integrate quotes and evidence. This project spanned from October to January.

Research Notes

Final Draft