School Contribution

  • Student Representative 2016-17

Every Monday during lunch, a group of students join the teachers to discuss issues in the community, upcoming events and opportunities, planning for the future, and any other necessary topics related to the week ahead.

  • Student Gathering Planning Committee for Student Summit 2016

In the fall, a few other students and I took it upon ourselves to do the majority of planning for the Student Gathering, a small conference hosted by Big Picture in an attempt to share our program with other students from similar programs, talk about what we liked and disliked, and come up with ideas for betterment.

  • Student Gathering Facilitator at Student Summit 2016

During the student gathering, there were a few facilitated discussions with particular questions such as, “What would a typical day be like for you?”, “What do you like about your school’s alternative learning program?”, and “If you could change something about it would you/what would it be?” I served as a facilitator alongside several other BP students who volunteered.

  • MMU Varsity Dance Team from 2015-2018

I have been a member of the MMU Varsity Dance Team for 3 years, winning 2 State Championships. Dance Team is a winter sport that practices every morning before school from 6:15 to 7:45 with competitions every Saturday during the season. Our coach, Rose, choreographs a routine at the beginning of the season and each weekend we compete against other high school dance teams in categories like synchronization, creativity, performance, musicality, difficulty, and execution. The following week, we will revise our routine, sometimes changing choreography or formations, and sometimes just drilling and polishing so that our routine can look its best for the next competition. At the end of the season, the top 4 places at States can move on to the New England Championship and compete against teams from Connecticut and Massachusetts.