Fall Term 2016 Projects

No. 1

Music Journalism


  • What do music journalists look for when they’re listening to music?
  • What format do music journalists use in their writing?
  • How does music journalism differ from other types of journalism?
  • To what extent does opinion matter in music journalism?

GOAL(s): My goal is to learn about what a music journalist might look for in music and the process used to create a piece of writing about music, to improve writing skills, and to gain general knowledge about music in preparation for having a radio station in the future. Also maybe to create a zine but idk

EVIDENCE: 3 pieces of writing including two concert reviews & an album review, 2 interviews, pictures

And the Kids

Awaken, My Love!

242 Main

EVALUATION: Rubric created with help from Dan Bolles, feedback from Dan & Young Writers Project


PROCESS: Go to a few concerts to gain an understanding of what to expect and what to look for. Pick one to write about and write first piece. Interview Dan to get tips (& feedback?) write next two pieces, an album review and another concert review

Concerts this term:

  • Shellac
  • And the Kids
  • El Ten Eleven
  • Last Concert at 242 Main

RESOURCES: Justin at Burlington Record Plant, Dan Bolles & Jordan Adams at Seven Days, Higher Ground, Signal Kitchen



No. 2


Creating a website on WordPress


  • What web software can I use to create a portfolio other than google sites?
  • What are the components I need to have a good website on WordPress & to showcase my work in a positive way?
  • How can I customise my portfolio to best suit my needs & plans?

GOAL(s): My goal for this project is to have a beautiful and successful website to showcase the effort I have put into my work this year at Big Picture.

EVIDENCE:  This website!

EVALUATION: It has all the components of the original google sites portfolio template

PROCESS: Make website, research how to customize if necessary, put all requirements in

RESOURCES: The internet


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