Fall 2016

Fall Term Narrative 2016

Classes: Chemistry with Amy Listenik & Accelerated PreCalc with Eric Stone

project no. 1

Music Journalism


  • What do music journalists look for when they’re listening to music?
  • What format do music journalists use in their writing?
  • How does music journalism differ from other types of journalism?
  • To what extent does opinion matter in music journalism?

GOAL(s): My goal is to learn about what a music journalist might look for in music and the process used to create a piece of writing about music, to improve writing skills, and to gain general knowledge about music in preparation for having a radio station in the future.

EVIDENCE: 3 pieces of writing including two concert reviews & an album review, 2 interviews, pictures, project plan

And the Kids

Awaken, My Love!

242 Main

Justin Crowther at Burlington Record Plant Interview Write Up

Dan Bolles, Music Editor & Jordan Adams, Assistant Music Editor at Seven Days Interview Transcript

EVALUATION: Rubric created with help from Dan Bolles, feedback from Dan & Young Writers Project

PROCESS: Go to a few concerts to gain an understanding of what to expect and what to look for. Pick one to write about and write first piece. Interview Dan to get tips, write next two pieces (an album review and another concert review)

Concerts this term:

  • Shellac
  • And the Kids
  • El Ten Eleven
  • Last Concert at 242 Main

RESOURCES: Justin at Burlington Record Plant, Dan Bolles & Jordan Adams at Seven Days, Higher Ground, Signal Kitchen



no. 2

Creating a website on WordPress


  • What web software can I use to create a portfolio other than google sites?
  • What are the components I need to have a good website on WordPress & to showcase my work in a positive way?
  • How can I customise my portfolio to best suit my needs & plans?

GOAL(s): My goal for this project is to have a beautiful and successful website to showcase the effort I have put into my work this year at Big Picture.

EVIDENCE:  This website!

EVALUATION: It has all the components of the original google sites portfolio template

PROCESS: Make website, research how to customize if necessary, put all requirements in

RESOURCES: The internet


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