LTI & Shadow Days

LTI Hours Log

My first shadow day was at Girlington Garage in Burlington. It was interesting as I had never done anything like it before, but I also felt a little out of place since I was so new. I attempted to pursue an internship but it didn’t pan out.

So, I returned to my internship at Crows Path from last spring. This time, I worked with one of the mentors named Britt and a particular group of kids each week to film a Crow’s Path movie with a pretty far out script written by a past mentor and some crazy costumes.

Britt mentioned to me that she had recently dropped out of an apprenticeship program because she got too busy, and thought I might be interested. Thus I began my internship at Betty’s Bikes, a community non-profit bike shop where I took apart and fixed bikes, organised parts, learned about not for profit organisations, test rode bikes to see if they needed any additional repairs, listed finished bikes on Craigslist, and set up an art gallery in the foyer.



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