Orientation Term Project

STATEMENT of PURPOSE: To be well-educated, a person must understand the importance of natural medicine as well as modern medicine because it is impossible to be educated about the world if we can not be educated about our own bodies and minds.


Does nature give us everything we need to survive or is it necessary to create synthetic drugs?

How effective are herbs and where does the line get drawn between addressing with herbalism and modern medicine?

Is plant based medicine being unnecessarily overlooked in society and should it come back into practice?

GOALS: My goals for this project were to learn more about alternative medicine and how it is being used in today’s society, and also to create something that could educate people who might not know about the potential for plant medicine.



Link to Video

Orientation Term Research

Proficiencies & Transferrable Skills:

  • Communication (video format conveying a message)
  • Self Direction (sought out person to interview & decided on an alternative to a trifold)
  • Integrated Thinking (used research, drawing, video editing & interviewing skills)
  • Responsible Citizenship (final product can be used to educate people)


Since this project was so short, I did not have an expert mentor. However, a main part of the project was the interview I conducted with Laura. The audio component was recorded outside, so there were a few noticeable background noises, but all the words were easy enough to hear and it was a pretty consistent volume. I could tell the video was good because the camera was steady, and it was relatively well positioned. The framing was not crooked, and the picture was clear and in focus. My drawing incorporated elements representing both modern and traditional medicine, and it was planned so there wasn’t too much time where nothing was happening. Also, the colours I chose to incorporate were all a similar scheme of black and white on purpose, so as to not distract from the focus.


To complete this project, I first did research on the significance of both modern and homeopathic medicine in today’s society, and used my research to come up with interview questions. Then, I designed a drawing I thought would convey the message that all forms of medicine must be used together for the best health benefits, because each type deals with a different spectrum of illness. I filmed myself drawing this on a chalkboard wall using my iPhone camera and a small tripod. I then interviewed an herbalist using the questions I had come up with and combined the audio from the interview and the drawing video into one. Coming up with an idea for a final product was hard because this was my first BP project, and I had a minimal frame of reference. It was also hard to narrow my ideas because they began very broad. However, while most people created a tri-fold about what they had learned, I am glad I created something different, that can be used in the future.


Laura Litchfield

The Internet

An iPhone 6s

Video Production Software

Chalkboard & Chalk

My own Brain & Body


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