TS3: Creative & Practical Problem Solving

DEFINITION & PURPOSE: In every career we have today, problem solving has a place. Humans are natural problem solvers, which is how we developed into the most powerful species on the planet. However, typical school in many areas has become little more than systematic feeding of information to people. We must work even harder to keep our precious problem solving skills. If you don’t use it, you won’t have it.


MY REFLECTION: I have always been someone to look for flaws in a system and speak up when I feel that something isn’t right. This skill has served me well in BP so far. When it becomes clear that a project I have created isn’t working in some way or another, it is up to me to figure out how to fix the issue so that I can remain efficient and engaged in my learning.

Creative & Practical Problem Solving My Learning Experiences
A. Observe and evaluate situations in order to define problems.
  • student rep
  • driver ed class
  • project planning
B. Frame questions, make predictions, and design data collection and analysis strategies.
  • chemistry class
  • precalc class
  • driver ed class
  • sunflower mini project
C. Identify patterns, trends, and relationships that apply to solutions.
  • vyp
  • precalc class
  • chemistry class
  • driver ed class
D. Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize evidence, arguments, claims, and beliefs.
  • music journalism project
  • socratics
  • precalc class
  • chemistry class
  • driver ed class
E. Generate a variety of solutions, use evidence to build a case for best responses, critically evaluate the effectiveness of responses, and repeat the process to generate alternate solutions.
  •  journals
  • bard performance planning
F. Identify opportunities for innovation and collaborations.
  • industry innovation
  • bard
  • shadow days
  • dte film screening (in progress)
G. Use a range of tools, including technology, to solve problems.
  • wordpress project
  • chemistry class
H. Persist in solving challenging problems and learn from failure.
  •  wordpress project
  • folk tune project