TS5: Informed & Integrative Thinking

DEFINITION & PURPOSE: Integrative thinking is not taught in many classes in schools
today, because learning is broken up into subjects. However, making connections between knowledge bases is an important skill to develop in order to build on learning.
MY REFLECTION: Throughout my school experience, I have practiced integrated thinking whether it be a result of homeschooling, encouraged by my teachers at Red Cedar School, or through my own direction in Big Picture. As a person with a very analytical mind, I tend to make connections between everything that I do. This is helpful because relating things to other things helps me to remember the stuff I need to know.


Informed & Integrative Thinking My Learning Experiences
A. Apply knowledge from various disciplines and contexts to real life situations.
  •  driver ed class
  • tiny house build
  • lti at crow’s path
B. Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information from multiple sources to build on knowledge.
  •  chemistry class
C. Apply systems thinking to understand the interaction and influence of related parts on each other, and on outcomes.
  •  driver ed class
  • chemistry class
  • precalc class
  • beta reading project
D. Use evidence and reasoning to justify claims.
  •  socratics
  • chemistry class
  • music journalism project
E. Develop and use models to explain phenomena.
  •  chemistry class
F. Use technology to support and enhance the critical thinking process.
  •  wordpress project