Way of the Bard

Several years ago, I joined an exceptional group of teenagers on the journey of a lifetime. I began with acting in the Borderlands, a magic-themed autumn nature walk similar to the Haunted Forest. I played a fairy storyteller, sitting in a treehouse with a Grimm’s Brothers tale to share, dressed in black with lights in my hair. The next summer, we gathered together again for camp, meeting in Shelburne, Vermont for a week to play music, hone our performance craft, work magic, connect with the earth, build a tinyhouse, and plan a trip to Ireland. We ended up with four performances, all with similar elements. We wove song, spoken word poetry, music, and dance into a show like no other. That fall, we auctioned off our tinyhouse and completed another Borderlands (this time I played an evil spirit who stage fought my lighter counterpart on the top of a wooded hill). These fundraisers brought in enough money so that our already relatively inexpensive trip could be as well covered as possible. The following summer, on June 15th, 2017, we all drove down to Boston to catch our flight. The next three weeks were spent walking the roads and trails, journalling, visiting ancient monuments, working on various projects in exchange for boarding at the places we stayed, exploring quaint towns, and sharing our love of storytelling with the world. Check out Alison’s Ireland Blog for more detail.

For a video of me performing an old Irish poem at the Newgrange Visitor Centre, a small part of one of the four performances we put together for various venues during our trip, click here